Well... the reason for this Endeavour is to provide a comfortable living situation for my Mother as she so deserves!  I would like to purchase a home and remodel it then move my Mother in.  A bit about my Mother, She is 78 and I love her very much!   She is very active and is involved in many church activities, she has a passion for music and loves to sing. She has three children, a grand daughter and a great grand daughter.  She has a beautiful Main Coon Cat that used to be mine that keeps her on her toes.  Unfortunately her living situation is not the greatest because she is limited by her low fixed income.

As a kid I always enjoyed building my mother things for presents, a music box is what comes to mind that I enjoyed the most.  Now that I am older I would love the opportunity to purchase my mother a house and remodel it, adding my own personal touch to the construction to suite her needs.  She has ailments as many seniors do.  She must use a walker or cane to get around most of the time.  She requires daily assistance from a day care provider to help her with activities that we all take for granted; showering, preparing meals, laundry, etc.  She is also a breast cancer survivor of 3 years now and is cancer free at this point.

So again, the reason for this project is to Build A Home for my Mother, she always did her best to provide a home for me, so I would like to attempt to do the same for her!  With every pixel purchased, I will be that much closer to achieving my goal.

A bit about me, I am 49 years of age and a California General Contractor, I have remodeled many homes in the Bay Area.  I am also a musician (Guitar Player) of 35 years. I also have done some web design which has helped my build this site.
Here is my personal website: www.christopherdunn.tk
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